These are the known non-criminal activities of Pepe and Jerry.  For criminal activities click here.  



day sleeping (details)

Image4-1.jpg (16211 bytes)Jerry (left) & Pepe (right)

playing (details)

Jerry is the kind of dog who could play all day (in between naps of course).

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play fighting (details)

Sometimes play fighting turns nasty, but usually it is a fight for domination and strength.

chewing toys (details)

Image4-2.jpg (22554 bytes)Pepe with Teddy

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eating food (details)

Jerry and Pepe eat Eukanuba Puppy Premium (dry food) twice a day.
Usually this is mixed with water and a tiny bit of canned food (chicken or lamb flavour) to make it more desirable.
Every couple of weeks they get Science Diet Canine Growth just for a change.

going for walks (details)

Jerry and Pepe go for walks around the neighbourhood at least once a day, and on the weekend they get to go for a long walk on the beach.

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laying around doing nothing (details)

Image5-4bw.jpg (23842 bytes)Pepe in the courtyard

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evening naps on couch (details)

Pepe and Jerry just can't resist a nap on the couch, especially if it involves a human and a blanket.

going to the vet (details)

veterinary records:
14 Jan 2000 - C3 vaccinations at 6 weeks old (Pepe and Jerry)
25 Feb 2000 - C5 vaccinations at 12 weeks old (Pepe and Jerry)
24 Mar 2000 - C5 vaccinations at 16 weeks old (Pepe and Jerry)
30 Apr 2000 - sore arm  (Pepe)
1 Jun 2000 - sterilisation and microchip implant (Pepe and Jerry) click here for details

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swimming (details)

Image2-2.jpg (23564 bytes)Jerry (left) & Pepe (right)
swimming at Brighton Beach, Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne, Australia

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sun-tanning (details)

Image1-1.jpg (8374 bytes)Jerry (left) & Pepe (right) sun-tanning in the front garden

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