These are the known criminal activities of Pepe and Jerry.  For non-criminal activities click here.  




forbidden jumping (details)

"I'm good at jumping onto the couch, it's easy."  Pepe

serious fighting (details)

"Sometimes when Jerry gets out of hand i have to bite her. Then she tries to start a fight, so i have to protect myself."   Pepe

chewing books/shoes/wires (details)

"A couple of times when we've been left alone indoors, we thought it was a good idea to chew a book, two electric wires and a shoe."  Jerry
"I particularly have an intense passion for leather footwear."  Pepe

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eating non-food items (details)

"I quite like the taste of succulents and rubber.  Once i even ate a human's oral contraceptive pill."  Pepe
"I prefer the soft insides of stuffed toys."  Jerry

escaping (details)

"Once when i had a sore leg, Jerry went out for a walk without me, so i decided to escape."  Pepe
Image6-4.jpg (4333 bytes) Pepe on the road
"Another time when we were both out for a walk, i heard some mean ol' barking and got spooked, so i decided to escape (from the human who was holding my lead)."  Pepe

barking at innocent dogs & humans (details)

"Usually when we're at the beach, Pepe starts barking at other dogs for no apparent reason."  Jerry

growling (details)

"I really don't like it when humans try to wake me up when i'm sleeping on the couch or inside the bed.  So i always growl at them to make them go away, and sometimes i'll even show them how sharp my teeth are, or bark.   This makes them go crazy."  Jerry

eliminating indoors and other undesirable places (details)

"Sometimes i don't believe it is necessary to go outdoors into the cold weather to go to the toilet."  Pepe
"I like pooping in the strawberry patch."  Jerry (see picture below)

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